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#crushedit 10 minute poops 10000 steps 5chainz a midwife and a doula walk into a bar a sad fat dragon with no friends adventure time! adventures in babyland afternoon fika ahhhh stay on the left!! ahhhh why did I do this all about the swag all I want for christmas is a black diamond ice axe all in the family all that booze but none for me all that weird architecture can be attributed to the nazis' poor communications all the japanese food all the pretty lights all the rugs are belong to us all the vermouth all tycho did in hawaii was exercise all you think about as a new parent is poop and sleep an innumerable amount of hands anniversary island aquavit- good for the soul architecture at least it's not a pumpkin beer at least the sharks will avoid me too avocado popsicle natch award travel is the best travel awesome awesome national park lodges awesome sunglasses baa baa black sheep babies with corn baby hacker baby time baby's first baseball game baby's first corn mush bacchus backpacking doesn't suck after all bandicoot king of the desert bars with extra mint baths are pretty much pools beach time with blob bears! because of course we were there the first week they opened beer beer booze and coffee beer in the desert beer in the woods being tourists belatedly realizing you've violated your rental car contract bernal love best beverage holder ever best birthday ever big mable biking birthday bash birthday celebrations birthday omakase blogging while on a completely different trip BOOM! booze Bowl Licker box baby breastfeeding is fun again breweries for the win bubbles everywhere bubbly bula bula burrito. burrito. burrito. cacti are better cacti are cool california baby cameras on camera camping is really awesome can I just float here forever can we get married here can you believe this water can you do the hula? can't believe smoking in bars is still legal anywhere canals Candle Stealer car ferries are the most practical kind of fairy castles! checking off our islands cheese chillaxing chocolate and beer and bikes oh my! climbed a mountain in sandals climbing mt mama and other structures cone life congratulations your tiny human still lives convertibles are the best kind of transformer cooking at home with lots of butter cops don't care craft cult favorite 90 Minute N.A.P. crazy swedish traditions crikey this is a long drive cultural exchange curse you government shutdown dear god what is that thing despite years of studying the documentary The Rock I was underprepared for the Escape diaper duty dinosaur park dji mavic does this count as a babymoon? don't go chasing waterfalls don't judge don't let sheep jump on your feet don't worry we didn't touch the whiskey library Door Slammer downward facing baby drink more whiskey drinking at a carousel bar is awesome but confusing drinking for health and pleasure drive time driving convertibles in the desert driving driving more driving ducks do well here elisse and scott endymion epic poses escaping the rain in museums eventually we'll have a name exploring baby-friendly san francisco feeling cultured feeling like hugh hefner fernz ferdinand fireworks and explosions and barges on fire! first words fishy fishies fjords! flashback follow the lights forgetting to eat four season adventure Frank Gehry friends! frolicking along the beach frondz ferdinand fujixt3 fun not scary getting bigger all the time getting old GIANT SQUID FROM THE DEEP gimme all the chutoro glacier national park gnomes! Go away moon I want to sleep go trixie go! going crazy for the northern lights going in the ocean is cool but I prefer the kid's pool gotta catch 'em all gotta get out / gotta-get-right-out-of-here granville island brewery never fails great beans hanami all the time hanami throwback happy hawaii baby happy tiki sad tiki haugesund tourist office is super nice but really should stop sending people on unmarked muddy trails to get to the national monument when there's a perfectly good pedestrian path through town he can pretty much make us coffee now he doesn't really want to listen to anything more recent than 1987.... he gets mad if we don't go for a walk in the morning he keeps trying to drink salsa though he put a ring on it he's also really into garbage cans which is just... weird he's just a little old man who likes to yell at the neighbors he's starting to figure out this whole communication thing he's very good at happy baby heirloom tomatoes for christmas dinner hey bears hi Klaus! high west index hiking in the dark hipster baby holy crap we made a baby hotel baby I can't believe it's still beer I can't believe there isn't a dog tag yet I had no idea how much I wanted a rum shelf until now I have a suitcase I like my wine like I like my scotch i picked a peck of pep- apples I swear that's our stroller and not a pizza oven I swear we didn't make this pizza in our stroller I think that german guy thought we were crazy I'll take a shochu and soba please I'm on a boat I'm sleepy I've already reorganized his drawer twice I've got that bottle of sherry somewhere around here idiosyncratic idioms if you only drink nice tiki drinks while at mardi gras you don't actually drink that much if you want a giant fuzzy monster they have those too in australia coral attacks you industry drinking instead of kicking the seat in front of us let's look out the window Tycho is it christmas if there is no snow? is it REALLY pumpkin? it's a requirement that I try every body of water I come across it's dog time it's not raining but it feels like it it's so hot the pumpkin has already melted it's tradition it’s all about the food in the case jacob and rachel jetboils make the best lunches jugs are the new cones jumping after ridiculous amounts of exercise jumping into the sea just chillax and float man just follow the German keeping cool kiwi update kiwis are forever kristan wants to be a diver kristan's lost bag lakeselfie laughable mexican food laughing together forever lean-tos for the win let them eat malasadas let's drive a BMW around Europe let's play hiking in a flash flood! or maybe not little house on the cay local liquor long walks along the long beach long walks along the water... long walks on the way to beer long walks with no water look at all the art looking less and less alien every day making friends with bartenders making friends with strangers making you all feel uncomfortable guessing the weight of the pregnant lady malin and jimmy rock margarita time marking time against the coffee counter Max birthdays are the best birthdays because they are two days long Max is never running again maybe growling at each other forever too Meat Hook meet the beartles mesk travel co mice! milk monster mission burritos around the world moments of terror more beer more Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander please must bike to the top must climb to the top must stay on deck my kingdom for a croissant my wedding vows will be only in swedish napping in the sun Nelson hops are literally from Nelson neon cacti are almost as cool Nespresso machines are actually awesome never forget mr. falafel new car / old car next time we're just going to onsen no drinking just running no running just drinking no we don't argue norway!! not ashamed to admit I whimpered at all the thunder not enough beer nothing is better than pastry after running nothing like seeing an icelandic band in 90 degree weather nothing tall but don't worry there was a boat now play count the sheep of course now Tycho demands that all his eggs be delivered by bullet train oh canada oh dear how did we eat so much oh no it's raining oh no no don't make me eat that oh no the garden is dirty oh right cruise oh right it's ok because we biked up a MOUNTAIN ok computer okay now smell this om omg I am running a half marathon omg I just RAN a half marathon omnomnom on the 7th month of Tycho, his true love have to him... 7 avocados, 6 sweet potatoes, 5 golden 'nanas, 4 peanut puffs, 3 baked apples, 2 poached pears, and some oatmeal in an avocado tree on the road again one of these photos has an interesting story written about it oooh caves ooooo pretty fireworks orpheus our coffee conquers the world our pumpkin in a pumpkin palm trees are cool? pano stance pantry challenge parks picking up the lingo pixel3 playing dead in the desert please go to the potty please make my house look like this political aspirations pool time with blob poop finds a way Pot Scraper practical ways to avoid 4200 people when you're trapped on a boat with them pregnant sexy pose pregnant tiki tourism pretty sure max and I did something without tycho this month proteus public transit systems around the world rats! rave shark!! reading on the couch and in the hammock and in the pool and really everywhere red rocks forever redesigning houses in our heads redesigning your house when you aren't looking rex rotterdam is europe's largest port and other fun facts run away! run baby run running bay to breakers in 2018 san francisco adventures sand in the mouth is not conducive to napping scallops can swim? scenic breastfeeding scooters scouting for david and kelly scouting for elisse and scott SCREAMing secret beach seriously go watch the princess bride seriously he eats all the avocado seriously this month was all about sleep seriously those are some good pancakes seriously we should have sailed more seriously we spent at least two hours in torvehallerne seriously where can i get a rijstafel sharkies shipping containers are the coolest sir poops a lot sit please sleeeeeeeeeeeep sleep baby sleep sleep sleep sleep sleepy baby is so wonderful snow bunnies snow is nearly as cool as cherry blossoms SO GLAD THAT COFFEE HERE DOESN'T SUCK! so many movies so many steps so much exercise so much walking so much wine so ridiculous so this is what happens when they start talking so tired soba and udon and tempura oh my socially maladjusted some kind of bird-man someday I will learn swedish someday we'll all look at the camera at the same time speakeasy spirits speed demon crawling spirits collection Spoon Licker start 'em hiking young sunburnt lobsters sundance and chill sunrise coffee surprise cake! suspicious baby swedish baby likes the snow swedish fish swedish food for the win tagging is an especial art take a selfie with me Tycho tame impala all the time teaching him what's right thank god for mission cliffs thank goodness this aquarium isn't in a 90s convention center that pb&j was so satisfying that time Kristan ran a half marathon the bard is my mistress the best was zulu the bird market is up the colors the family that tiki shirts together stays together the final frontier the hardest part is getting used to him bonking his head the hawaiians and the swedes are my favorite runners the hottest December day on record the lively nightlife of doolin the name's bond the only way to be on an island the party was magical even before the magician the perfect timing of swans the rum is our suitcase the sidewalks here are literally built on dead horses the spirit of san francisco in just 12K the stroller is our friend the worst correspondent these doughnuts are absurd but I stab them anyway these parks are humungous this adventure brought to you by E&S Travel Co this car deserves a name this couch is hereby known as fort tycho this is a good idea and isn't dangerous at all this is how we do it in the sartor elman house this is one big lake this is the most elaborate Easter display ever this is the way tiggers! tiki tiki tiki tiki tourism tikishirtz time for a beer time to chillax tinkerbell! tiny cars and tiny houses tired but not concussed toddler school too high for trolls topher total teething totally didn't lose my earring in the ball pit trains TREES tropical fruit and banana bread ftw truly beautiful signage trying not to get hit in the face with beads two cafe au laits and an order of beignets please TYCHO KING OF BABIES Tycho levels up TYCHO THE DESTROYER Tycho the teenager tycho trick or treated on the boob tycho used poop it's super effective Tycho's war hammer Mjölknir tycho's word association game is on point right now uh max the car just died undies! unexpectedly being surfers upward facing baby vegas has better pools and ice bars vikings vinaka for all the fun virtual reality is slowly becoming cooler volcanos are much better with snacks vote early and often wait too much whiskey wasabi!!! way too elaborate camp cooking way too long walks we are foodies we could move here we didn't even check the beads because we didn't trust the Krewe of Tucks bag they were in we didn't name this car (or that one) we forgot to order white russians we love the doctor we must be correct we shall name it... Blorence we should probably plant an avocado tree we’re faster than DOC weekend getaway weeping angel well this is awkward looking well this is prehistoric well this tag habit has clearly gotten out of hand whale watching for health and pleasure what a whirlwind what goes down must come back up what is it? don’t know… wheeeeeeeeeee where is my beautiful train system whiskey time why does my baby like to chase after the vacuum? why don't we just head back towards Reykjavik.... why is all the rum gone? why is Max allergic to gardens? will he hold it through the night will travel for concerts wine tasting in other countries Woah-oh Tycho on a chair world's fattest pigeon would totally stay here again yeah we could move here yeah yeah yeah the baby is the reward yes that is a bottle of 30 year old chardonnay. yes it was terrible. yes we had chicago deep dish yes-today is long winded tag day yet another day of endless walking you can make seriously good ramen with a jetboil you should see the other guy yum yum yum
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