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#crushedit #sydnye 10000 steps 5chainz a master of DRINKING adventure time! adventures in babyland afternoon fika alcoholic beverages served inside of fruit all about the swag all about the swag whiskey edition all about those clams / 'bout those clams / no cockles all decked out all in the family all that booze but none for me all the japanese food all the pretty lights all tycho did in hawaii was exercise all you think about as a new parent is poop and sleep anniversary island apologies to Agatha Christie and everyone who's written anything ever applesauce rocks aquavit- good for the soul architecture are they singing or rapping? arigato gozaimasu asking me to let mama use the bathroom in peace is not a reasonable request awesome awesome national park lodges awesome sunglasses baby dragon baby ocd baby time baby's first corn mush backpacking doesn't suck after all banana slugs banking problems bars with extra mint bears! beautiful and scary buildings because of course we were there the first week they opened beer beer booze and coffee beer in the woods beer running? beer week with baby being good canadians being tourists best birthday ever beyond incredible big mable biking birthday celebrations birthday omakase björnfru bloody marys are not good with fish blowholes are cool BOOM! booze box baby breastfeeding is fun again breweries for the win bringing the san francisco summer to sweden bubbles everywhere bubbly built-in designated driver cacti are better cacti are cool cake stealer california baby cameras on camera camping is really awesome can I just float here forever can we get married here can't believe smoking in bars is still legal anywhere canadian story time is almost exactly like bernal story time except with more orcas canals castles! cheese chillaxing claustrophobic contortions climbed a mountain in sandals cold cold cold concussions congratulations your tiny human still lives conquering all empty roads construction tours counting cliches craft cult favorite 90 Minute N.A.P. craigslist photographer for the win cubbies rock cultural exchange dad lap for the win dada dada dada dangerous walks along icy slopes dangerous walks along the beach dear god what is that thing defensible abandoned buildings in case of zombie apocalypse did we mention the awesome snacks? dippin’ dot delicious hail does anyone ever fall off? does this count as a babymoon? Doorway Sniffer downward facing baby drink more whiskey drinking for health and pleasure drinking songs that don't leave your head for a week driving driving more driving drywalling over this was way harder than just pulling out the shelves and painting it elisse and scott epic poses espresso machine lust even though these slides are very small I still want to get in them exploring exploring baby-friendly san francisco feeling cultured fernz ferdinand fishy fishies flashback floor kale ftw floral patterns flytographer follow the lights forest friends forgetting to eat four days in the ocean but still a-ok four season adventure friends! frolicking along the beach frondz ferdinand fujixt3 full metal tiki fun not scary get back in the car we're going back right now get between me and my salsa at your peril getting bigger all the time getting old getting up at 3am for haleakala just didn't seem worth it gimme a pint of the black stuff gimme all the chutoro glacier national park gnomes! good good good good vibrations got an axe to burn with you got the headlamps but where are our harnesses? gotta catch 'em all gotta get our steps in gotta look the part Grandpa Claus grateful for sleep Gully Gawk hanami all the time hanging out in the van happy hawaii baby happy tiki sad tiki hashtag giant flamingo he eventually managed to vacuum the sand on the floor while I just sat on the couch he put a ring on it he was from Holland but was actually Belgian he's also really into garbage cans which is just... weird he's just a little old man who likes to yell at the neighbors he's starting to figure out this whole communication thing he's very good at happy baby helan går helicopters aren't so bad after all hey mister throw me something high west celebrity index high west index hiking in the dark hipster baby holy crap we made a baby honoring the tiki accord hoodoo hug game forever huge waterfall hugos and spritzes and tikis oh my huh where is his other shoe I feel small i found a house but no mouse I think that german guy thought we were crazy I'll take some more of those mini pavlovas please I'm on a boat I'm sleepy ice cream shouldn't taste like beef jerky idiosyncratic idioms if you want a giant fuzzy monster they have those too Iiiiiii have become comfortably numb industry drinking instead of kicking the seat in front of us let's look out the window Tycho inukshuk is it christmas if there is no snow? is it REALLY pumpkin? is this a road or a river? is this really a level up I ask you it is very important to wash these rocks mama it's dog time it's not cold it's life-affirming it's not corn mush until we go to chevy's it's perfectly reasonable to bring a toddler to a distillery right? jeez development these days is really getting out of control jetboils make the best lunches jugs are the new cones jumping after ridiculous amounts of exercise just chillax and float man kava: it's not doing drugs if it's a respected social custom kea kea kea keeping cool KHAAAAAAAAAAN! kiwi update kiwis and kangaroos and sharks oh my kiwis are forever KRAMPUS kristan meets the glowworms take two kristan wants to be a diver kristan's lost bag lakeselfie lakeselfie... technically laughable mexican food let them eat malasadas little house on the cay little red wagon long walks along the water... long walks on the way to beer long walks with no water look a rainbow! let's burn all the wood look at all the art look at all the stars!!!!!! look at this guy looking less and less alien every day love in a time of mimosas low risk adventures? making daiquiris at the wet bar in our suite that were better than the tiki drinks at Don's making friends with bartenders malin and jimmy rock mama lost his shovel margarita time Max + fire = YAY Max flew a drone Max refused to kiss Kristan for days Max the even worse blogger meal time creativity Meat Hook mesk travel co mid-city milk monster miserable vomitous mass mission burritos around the world moments of terror moonlight at midnight moose in the woods more beer more switchbacks much less creepy than our first date must bike to the top must climb to the top must climb to the... bottom?! my wedding vows will be only in swedish napping in the sun Nelson hops are literally from Nelson new zealandangout next time we're hiking iceberg lake no drinking just running not enough beer not getting lost in fish creek campground nothing is better than pastry after running nothing tall but don't worry there was a boat now play count the sheep OAKES ode to toddlerhood oh dear how did we eat so much oh no it's raining oh right cruise oh right it's ok because we biked up a MOUNTAIN okeanos om omg get me out of this mall omg giant clams! omg I am running a half marathon omg I just RAN a half marathon omgomgomg omnomnom on a side note you should go read the energy department's review of Stranger Things because they did actually review it on the road again one of these photos has an interesting story written about it oooh caves ooooo pretty fireworks our coffee conquers the world palm trees are cool? palm trees everywhere but it's ok pano stance parks picking up the lingo pineapple time pixel3 playing hooky please make my house look like this please stop using your hands to swim poor Stan pop open a fiji gold possibly too competitive powering through it practical ways to avoid 4200 people when you're trapped on a boat with them pregnant sexy pose pregnant tiki tourism proteus public transit systems around the world pucker up PUMPKINS!! rats! really big balls red rocks forever redesigning your house when you aren't looking religious ceremonies as cultural tourism remember that time Kristan had a baby remembering to eat at midnight rotterdam is europe's largest port and other fun facts run baby run running around running bay to breakers in 2018 saga san francisco adventures sand in the mouth is not conducive to napping sandstorm Sausage Swiper scallops have eyes? scenic breastfeeding scenic outhouse scooters scouting for david and kelly scouting for elisse and scott secret beach see all the things seriously go watch the princess bride seriously I think she was freezing seriously this month was all about sleep seriously those are some good pancakes seriously we should have sailed more seriously where can i get a rijstafel seriously you hit the wyoming border and it's nothing but booze fireworks and porn seriously you should support the kiwi sharkies Sheep-Cote Clod sir poops a lot sleep baby sleep sleep sleep sleep sleepy baby is so wonderful smooth jazz snow bunnies snow is nearly as cool as cherry blossoms SO GLAD THAT COFFEE HERE DOESN'T SUCK! so many movies so many people in bath so many steps so much exercise so much hot tub so much walking so much wine socially maladjusted some guards have it better than others someday we'll all look at the camera at the same time spaghetti tuesday is a thing right splash zone Spoon Licker start 'em hiking young staycations are the best street art Stubby subtle shitrus notes sunrise coffee surprise! suspicious baby swanning with swans swedish baby likes the snow swedish fish swedish food for the win switchbacks tagging is an especial art take two advil and walk slowly in the morning tea is very british teaching him what's right thank god for mission cliffs thank god for pizza and sausage thank god there wasn't any rick astley thank goodness for foot massages the bard is my mistress the belgian healthcare system is amazing the bird market is up the colors the donut is MINE the eagles the family that tiki shirts together stays together the first Euro-American to raft the Grand Canyon was John Wesley Powell and he only had one arm the hawaiians and the swedes are my favorite runners the ikea high chair really is the best the incredible vastness of sake the name's bond the only way to be on an island the pool is evil the stroller is our friend the worst part is they had two different pumpkin beers theoretically I could be studying right now but I'm playing Ticket to Ride instead there should have been a cinnamon roll at the end there's totally a brewery at the other side of this crater... we just have to walk there... you know you want to... why would I lie these mosquitos are the worst these parks are humungous this adventure brought to you by E&S Travel Co this car deserves a name this couch is hereby known as fort tycho this is a good idea and isn't dangerous at all this is how we do it in the sartor elman house this is one big lake this is the most elaborate Easter display ever this is where all the bikers go this is your baby's poop on solids this marriage thing isn't so bad this town's gotta lotta history this walk brought to you by foursquare this was the best people watching three cheers for beer and wine and sake thy name is participating in a parade... for six hours tiki tiki tiki tiki tourism tikishirtz time for a beer time to buy a house time to open every drawer time to trade this bumper car in for one that isn't electric tiny cars and tiny houses tiny islands tiny roads with our tiny car tiny tyrant tipsy tentacles toddler school too high for trolls topher total teething totally dominating that pokemon gym in apgar towers trains TREES trick or treating around your own living room tropical fruit and banana bread ftw truly beautiful signage trying not to slip and fall on the ice tucks Tychiki tycho against humanity TYCHO KING OF BABIES Tycho levels up TYCHO THE DESTROYER Tycho the teenager tycho used poop it's super effective uh max the car just died upward facing baby vending machines are boss wait too much whiskey waiting for windows wasabi!!! way too long walks we are foodies we asked Malin and no she's never even heard of ant snaps before we climbed a mountain! we finally have a bedtime routine we have as many photos of this as we do our wedding we love the doctor we must be correct we shall name it... Blorence we'd like to thank the academy we're all winners well this is awkward looking what a day what do we possibly do with all these beads wheeeeeeeeeee when he's good he's very very good and when he's bad he's horrid when jogging means sleeping while someone else does all the work where is my beautiful train system where's the snow whiskey time whitebait: a terrible trick West Coasters play on everyone else why do old men run around with cheese why does nobody have salt? why is all the rum gone? why is it always Christmas here? why is Max allergic to gardens? wild horses couldn't drag me away will travel for concerts Window Peeper wine tasting in other countries wine tasting with babies with six huge red pillows our bed is best described as a love nest Woah-oh Tycho on a chair would totally stay here again yeah that second shot of tequila was a bad idea yes that is a bottle of 30 year old chardonnay. yes it was terrible. yes-today is long winded tag day yet another day of endless walking yet another startup you and whose squid army? you have not died of dysentery yum yum yum
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