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Everything In Its Right Place

Did you remember to shut the door before reading this? Did you leave your shoes outside? Is your coffee properly placed on a coaster? If not, Tycho will know. He will fix it. He will shut your door. He will open it and throw your shoes out. He will shut your door again. He will rearrange your coffee. And your jackets. And your cones. You have cones, right? You should. All beings need cones. And books.

Let us read a book. Let us read another book, and another. Let us read all of the books in the bookcase. Now let us put them all away. Oh, look, trash. Now Tycho will throw away your trash. He will compost your napkin. He will take your clean shirt off the bed and put it in the hamper. It wasn’t in the closet. It belongs with the rest of the dirty laundry.

Are you even in the right mindset for this blog post? Tycho will know. He will fix you.

  1. Love, love, love the photos! Max, on some of these photos he really reminds me of you, and the photos that we took at Balboa Park in LA when you were about the same age. I can’t stop smiling looking at these. Thank you for sharing these and for the wonderfully written commentary as well. Love you!

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