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Houston, We Have a Toddler

Whelp, we’ve reached that stage of development, folks. Tycho now points at things and keens until we give it to him. Not even just at things, but locations where things have been in the past, like the counter where fruit sometimes lives. He also does other, more appreciated toddler things like sit and page through books quietly, share o’s with his friends, and go on small hikes. Oh, and he’s really good at playing the hug game, in which he runs back and forth between adult participants on the floor and giving them hugs. Probably in the future we’ll remember all the cute things and not so much the half-screaming. Possibly? Well. One can hope.

News this month: Tycho runs now! He’s strong enough to start swinging around his push toy, yay? He is very interested in the ukelele and participates more in music class now. He loves to go on walks and will demand to go outside – thankfully he’ll wear his sunglasses finally! We flew to Montana, Tycho ate all the snacks. And even though it was 20-30° out, he just wanted to hang out on the front porch moving water jugs around. Who knew!

  1. Dear all three,
    You are good photographers! Your photos shows a very happy, little boy and his proud parents. So lovely.
    Thank you for sharing.

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