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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Ate sushi for the first time – amazing! Went for walks in Bernal (and watched Mama drink lots of coffee). Flew to Maui and ate all the snacks. Toddled up my first hike. Figured out I can hold more than one thing at a time in my hand. Became King of the Seed Pods. Went to a tiki bar. Ran along the beach path. Redecorated with cones. Mostly didn’t eat sand. Frolicked in the ocean. Learned where my belly and nose are. Definitely learned to clap and sort of learned how to high five. Started getting all four of my canines at once. Went on another hike to a colder beach. Decided to start responding to reasonable requests (when I feel like it). Became a big kid when nobody was looking!


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