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14 Months Or So

Tycho’s 14 months old! That’s old enough to start wondering when we stop thinking in months. (18 months?) He moved on up to Toddler and Me swim class, which he loves so much more than Baby and Me; started going to Gymboree to get some of the wiggles out; got back into music class; and started “jogging” with Mama. We all managed to survive a red eye back East, where we saw friends, family and two sweet dogs. Tycho is definitely saying “DOG” now! Sleep was all wonky but it was worth it for all the fun times – like Tycho’s first popsicle!! Best of all, he’s started hugging and bringing us books for storytime. Life is good!

  1. <3 Love these updates! I'm hoping to hit the bay when autumn rolls around and would love to see you all soon!
    Also, congrats on the half marathon, Kristan!!!

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