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Ready! Set! Go!

We started this month off at a run! We visited family, went on an adventure to Santa Barbara, went to Disneyland… Tycho was definitely overwhelmed (he took an unplanned second nap in the cantina) but had a blast going on rides, dancing to “It’s a Small World” and looking at all the sights. He loved exploring!

At home we discovered he has a very strong sense of how things should be done… composting every leaf he finds by the front door, recycling wrapping paper bit by bit. He really loves to help and will dutifully put laundry in the washer, put toys away, wipe the table, etc. Of course, sometimes he spills water just to wipe it up!

We’re also in full-on tantrum territory. Nap time? Ha! He runs to the corner of the living room and cries while holding the ethernet cable if you even suggest going in his room in the middle of the day. Thankfully we find it funny…. car seat battles, less so. But he’s growing up!

News this month: Tycho can stack things! He loves to read and will happily demand Mama read him the same books over and over. He can sign “again” and “cheese”. He speaks about 10 words regularly and keeps surprising us with new ones that he doesn’t use too often, like “dirty!” He verbalizes a lot and understands so much, so we’re expecting him to start talking up a storm any day now.


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