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Bay to Breakers and Swedish Family

Remember that time way back when when we went to Stockholm so Kristan could run a half marathon “with” Malin? Last month was the continuation of that adventure, as Malin and Jimmy came to San Francisco for the Bay to Breakers race!

We had fun being tourists for a couple of days – a Giants game, going to Pier 39 for the sea lions, wandering along the Embarcadero and so on – before the big day arrived. Costumes are basically required for Bay to Breakers, so Malin and Kristan went full 80s. (Both stylish and practical- the leg warmers were great for defeating the wind!) We had a lot of fun with the tortilla toss before the start of the race and generally just enjoying the atmosphere.

Finally we were off! We ran when we could get through the crowds, walked when we couldn’t, and walked when it was just time for a break. (Hilariously, only a couple of people commented on Kristan’s being 33 weeks pregnant; it was positively mundane compared to all the getups – or total lack thereof – everyone else was wearing!) 12K later, we had made it to Max and Jimmy waiting at the finish line!

The rest of the visit was a little more chill – hanging out, making dinner at home, drinking beer in Bernal and in our backyard. We went up to Sonoma for a day of wine tasting and beer drinking, with some more fun tourist stops on the way back. And of course, no visit to San Francisco would be complete without a trip to a tiki bar!

Looking forward to running our next race… wherever that may be!


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