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Stockholm In September

Our second time in Stockholm together was pretty low-key, since a few things already felt familiar and we didn’t feel the need to run around from place to place. (Well, Kristan did at one point, but more on that later….) It was lovely to see the city again and with our hotel a little more centrally located this time it was easy to have our first fika within just a couple of hours of landing at the airport.

We had four nights so we mostly took it easy and explored casually. Our subway art tour – Stockholm’s got the “world’s longest art museum”! – was a really fun way to experience art and get to know the subway system at the same time. (Somehow we managed to not even take one ride last time….) We took a long walk to a coffee shop Max wanted to try in Södermalm and then realized we weren’t too far from Stockholm Brewing Co., where we had a really nice evening carbo-loading with beer and burgers before the “main event” of our trip….

Backtrack: why are we in Stockholm? Because 21 months ago, Malin asked Kristan to run the Stockholm Half Marathon with her in 2016 and, because Kristan’s crazy, she said yes. And because she said yes, she actually flew here and ran it (mostly), with a few blisters and an awesome medal to prove it. Meanwhile, Max, Malin and Jimmy had a beer and caught Pokémon. Priorities, you know?

All running aside, we had a great day and evening with them. Somehow, Kristan didn’t fall asleep at dinner and even found the energy to check out to a tiki bar after Malin and Jimmy had to head back home…. Again, priorities. The next day we slept late before going to the Fotografiska art museum, where we magically discovered a one time only pop-up food and booze tasting, so instead of looking at photos for hours we mostly just drank aquavit and Swedish whiskey with some nice food pairings. (…Priorities…) We finished up the trip with a quick visit to the Sprit museum, where we saw some of the Absolut art collection and a beautifully put together exhibition on “Intoxicating Gardens: Cultivating Cocktails.”

TLDR? Skål!

  1. All the drinking,the MARATHON, and “ant-schnaps” to boot. Pretty cool the way you focus on that topic.
    WE took a “LA transit tour” starting at Hollywood station (Hollywood, 1 block east of Vine) the last time Kirsten was here with Klaus — various art at the stations. Don’t know if they still do that. glad you had good weather too as per photos. — heatwave right now; the usual when our Holy Days come around.
    love and safe return; grandma

    1. Fun! We had perfect weather in Sweden but Iceland has been a little cold for us. Looking forward to getting home to San Francisco and seeing you in a little over a week!

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