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Palm Springs Babymoon

When flying gets annoying but you want one last beach vacation, what are parents-to-be supposed to do? Head to Palm Springs, of course! After a nice visit with Grandma Anne in LA, we headed east in search of the desert sun and a glorious pool or two by which to bask in it. Even the baby knows by now that such a trip has to include a stop at Trader Sam’s in Anaheim, where we had lunch and a couple of lovely tiki drinks.

Despite the 100+ degree temperatures, we found the weather perfect for lounging by the pool at all times of day as long as we stayed current with the sunscreen and under cover when not in the pool. With tourist season all but over, we had some incredibly relaxing time all to ourselves at both of our hotels. Being in the car was terrible, but who needs to be in the car when there’s a floatie calling your name from the pool?

We went to a couple of oldies but goodies (533 Viet Fusion, Cheeky’s, SHAG), but for the most part decided to hit exciting new spots, like Greek food at Evzin, tiki drinks at the Reef, pizza at Birba, beer at La Quinta Brewing, and some wonderfully fluffy ice cream at Ice Cream & Shop(pe). Special mention awards go to the date shake from Shields Date Garden and the non-alcoholic Lo-Fi Fizz at the Reef, which had the perfect spicy balance between tart and sweet. (Unlike Max’s drinks, which veered a little too far on the saccharine side….) Truly, not drinking has its rewards!

    1. No! That sounds awesome. We got there with just enough time to get a shake before they closed for the day. Took it with us to a movie, which was great…

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