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Welcome Tycho!

So this one time, at the hospital… we had a baby! We’re so excited to be sharing the rest of our lives with Tycho. He came a little earlier than expected but that just means we’ve already had a beautiful month with him. We’ve had lots of cuddle time, gotten way better at eating (hurrah!), gone on some great adventures and read some really fun books together. Welcome to the world, Tycho!

News this month: Was born! Head rounded out and belly button healed (mostly). Lifted head a little during tummy time. Went from size newborn to size 1 diapers. Gained 2 pounds!

  1. Well done ! So beautiful to watch the start of a new soul become part of the world. He is a lucky baby to have parents that will show him that world. (and hopefully his mom will let him go to performance driving schools with his dad, grandpa, and other team members)

    1. Well how else do you think he’s going to learn how to drive?? I’m not teaching him in San Francisco! ????

  2. Such a beautiful baby and such a beautiful family ❤️ Looks like you’re doing well and Tycho looks very content with his life. Sigrid has chosen something for him, maybe we’ll send it with the Kears. Love you guys

    1. Aw, Sigrid! How sweet. So far we haven’t been able to interest Tycho in his little rainbow friend – we can’t remember what you called him but we call him Sven :) – but he’s getting more into the world everyday!

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