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Maui Christmas

Six months and we finally felt ready for Tycho’s first vacation to Hawaii! We rented a condo on Maui for a week and had some incredibly chill days, just hanging out, going on walks and trying to convince Tycho that getting in the water was a good idea. Really, the most exciting thing we did was take a baby to Hawaii, which is why basically all our photos are of us! (It helps that we did a family photoshoot with a photographer.) Tycho adapted pretty easily to Hawaii – most of the nights were just as good as home or better, we figured out a good changing area and play area in the condo, and we had our first non-relative babysitter!  Kiddo had a great time while Mom and Dad snuck away for lunch and a couple of baby-free hours on a beautiful beach. We can’t wait to go back!

  1. Well I am glad that you had a great time, this time.
    Next time for a really great time call 949.701.XXXX for an available, inexperienced but willing, baby sitter to assist Tycho while you two are out having fun.
    Have swim suit will travel. :)

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