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Whoa, We’re Halfway There

Lots of exciting adventures for Tycho this month! We had another wonderful visit with Grandma Anne in LA and had a mini vacation in Long Beach – Tycho’s first hotel and more importantly his first time in the big kid stroller! His very first stroller nap was a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes, which blew our mind given his usual 30 minute catnaps. He also survived his first significant travel delay thanks to some awesome floor time… inside Mom’s suitcase.

Thanksgiving was a blast, he didn’t mind the car ride across the bridge and conveniently he managed to nap during dinner! He loved seeing all his family and getting lots of cuddles. On the home front, he’s big enough to be carried facing out now, so he’s been a busy bee looking at as many things as he can when we go on walks. And, drum roll please…. he’s moved from his bassinet to his crib and consequently is only waking up once a night now. His new record? 10 straight hours of sleep!! Maybe it’s all those swim lessons wearing him out?

News this month: Another major holiday under the belt! Tycho rolls over nearly as soon as you put him down on his back, which confused him when we first put him in a crib for bedtime. He had to learn to sleep on his tummy! But sleep is getting better for all of us. It seems like he’s starting to think about cause and effect – if you shake a rattle and then hand it to him, he will stare at it and slowly shake it. He’s getting really interested in our food, so solids are coming up fast. Last but not least: Tycho can stay seated by himself briefly and loves to stand with help from Mom and Dad!

  1. Lucky baby Tycho and lucky parents and other related members of the families—with prayers for all humankind (and other species as well) as we enter another year. Continuous reports are most welcome and followed happily.Every new experience so valuable as recorded for future review and remembrance. THANK YOU and MUCH L0VE from grandma anne

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