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Roll Over, Tycho-ven

Five months with Tycho, wow! He’s so big and engaged with the world now. We had a lot of great friends and family time this month, plus some exciting new adventures like tiki bars and mom and baby pilates. It’s incredible to see how much he changes from week to week (let alone month to month). A mere week ago he started aggressive side-lying (there’s a baby yoga pose for you), then three days ago he just figured out how to lift his head and complete the roll!

After some disastrous naps at the beginning of the month, a regression to twice a night wakings, and our pediatrician’s gentle nudging, we’ve started teaching Tycho some independent sleep skills. Our favorite discovery so far is that his 30 minute naps can become 90-120 minute naps if we just go pet his head a few times when he wakes up. Not totally independent napping, but hey, we all need him to sleep more and we’ll take what we can get. If only it worked at night….

News this month: Tycho can roll over!! He’s starting to get all nice and chubby; we’re now on size 3 diapers and we even had to retire our first 3-6 month onesie. He will open his hand and take things you give him to hold. Tycho celebrated his first Halloween and managed to survive his first time change. (Boooo daylight savings.)

  1. such a wonderful BABY BOOK…totally awesome way to record it all—–with family and friends; art and sports. THANKS for sharing—and…leaving room to tickle the toes!!!

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