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J’Adore Month Four

Tycho’s four months old! Where does the time go? Apparently doing yoga, going on hikes, hanging out with friends, visiting Great Grandma and learning baby sign language makes a month just fly by! Plus, we’ve had lots of family time at home, since Kristan finally had that ear surgery she’s been putting off and we’ve needed extra hands. Lots of love and gratitude to everyone who has made her recovery so much easier!

News this month: Tycho has officially slept through the night!! Only a handful of times so far, but we know it can happen. Getting both better and worse at naps. He’s started to lift his butt up and launch himself forward during tummy time (we’re not ready! we’re not ready!). He swats very deliberately at his toys now and can even hold them if you hand them to him. Best of all: lots of laughter!

  1. I love these updates! Tycho’s becoming so big and I love how he’s so expressive with his face. You’re such a beautiful family.

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