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3rd Quarter Report

3rd quarter results are in and shareholders are discussing what this means for their investments as we head into the year’s final quarter. Mobile is BIG and we’re expanding into new markets in the Pacific Northwest. Developmental milestones are coming fast and quick, with the company now prioritizing childproofing and clean floors more than ever before. Let’s get the analysis from the pundits:

It feels like Tycho went from 0 to 60 in just a month! He was barely mobile at the beginning of the month and now he’s crawling around the floor, pulling up on everything but especially the couch. Kristan put him in the crib one day so she could wash her hands and when she came back, he was standing at the window looking out. (And this was before we had lowered the crib mattress all the way… meep!)

Tycho also went on his very first trip to Montana! He had a lot of fun meeting Koda the dog and playing with all the family. Carpet again came in useful; he got way more mobile when we got home, just like our last return from a big trip. (Not pictured: trying to climb gigantic bean bags while giggling nonstop.)

Really, we can’t wait to see where he goes next. We anticipate strong growth in the months ahead!

News this month: Teeth 3 and 4 are on their way! We had a fun sleep regression with several nights of 6 wakeups. Tycho went from scooting to crawling to sitting up and pulling himself up on the couch and crib in about a week and a half. Naps have finally lengthened to 60-90 minutes (usually…).

On the menu this month: mango, beets, rice, tofu, lime, blackberries, spinach, quinoa, sesame/tahini, basil, ricotta, grapefruit, green beans, pearl couscous, almond butter, blueberries

  1. Shareholders are ecstatic with the results and see a bright future. Analyst Papa D expects amazing results during the next stages of development and believes this one will go from slow mobile spurts to 5G blazing speeds before we know it. All signs point to continued investments in research and development from management so we give this another thumbs up and recommend a doubling down on your commitments to Tycho enterprises.

  2. As a shareholder since the initial offering, we’re so grateful we added TYCHO to our portfolio. We’re so excited with the growth opportunities that we’re investing more and planning to visit the home office soon, as well as the Hawaii satellite office. We’re so bullish on the stock and look forward to additional product offering from the parent company, M&K. Also, compliments on the great report and photos!

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