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Christmas 2016

Way back when, we planned on spending Christmas this year with the fam in Montana. As it got closer and we started actually looking at flights, we realized we could do a rather incredible itinerary from Los Angeles to Kalispell to Vancouver to San Francisco for not that much more than simply flying to Kalispell. And what better way to get into the spirit of the season than a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth? 

We hit up Trader Sam’s the evening before we went to Disneyland, to get us in the mood with a Jingle Bird or two and to see all the lights of Downtown Disney. Even with the holiday crowds we managed to do the holiday specials (like Jingle Cruise and The Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion), a few roller coasters for Kristan, and all our old favorites, while finding time to just take in the atmosphere too.

After our helter-skelter pace in Anaheim and a flying visit to Grandma Anne in Los Angeles, we took it down a notch in Montana and relaxed into a slow-paced snowy holiday. Sleeping in, leisurely breakfast, sledding, and dinner with everyone became our daily agenda. And best of all just before we left we headed to Glacier National Park, to enjoy the snowy trees and the sound of silence.

  1. Wonderful moments to remember — adventures, holidays, AND another birthday. CONGRATS with my love, grandma anne–2016

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