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An Innocent Abroad

Another month already! We had so many adventures at home and away – this month’s theme seems to have been “engaging with the world”. He really loves seeing other babies and getting all cozy with them! (Story time at the library has become a lot more fun.) Tycho’s been loving his time at Pinhole, the Academy of Sciences and the Zoo, plus the all-important swings!! He’s also become ticklish somewhere along the line, so the giggles are plentiful. We had a baby Colobeerado with Elisse and Scott, visited Grandma Anne and friends in LA, saw Grandpa Stan, Grandpa Bill and Grandma Nancy, and then to top everything off — we took a cruise from San Francisco to Vancouver!

It was the silliest thing and very wonderful. Everyone was so excited to see Tycho – many of the guests had been on the boat for the previous two weeks and the crew for even longer – and since he was the first baby they’d seen in a while he was quite memorable! Unfortunately he hasn’t figured out waving hello and goodbye yet, so he didn’t break everyone’s hearts. (Probably a good thing actually.) And really he didn’t sleep that badly! We had a larger balcony room at the very back of the ship and miraculously the baby monitor worked just fine out on the deck chairs. When we weren’t at sea, we were up to our usual tricks – coffee, beer and way too much walking, except this time it was for stroller naps and playground missions.

News this month: Tooth #6 is coming in! Can stand without support for 30ish seconds, but needs incentive to do so – dangling toys just out of his reach is perfect. First real grass time! And, on our first stop in Victoria, we convinced the border officer to give Tycho the very first stamp in his passport. Swoon!

On the menu this month: Oh man, everything. Three tiny courses at every meal on the cruise ship. Stealing from our plates and anyone else’s he can get his grubby little hands on.


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