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Happy Birthday, Tycho!

What an incredible year! It’s truly flown by. We can’t really even remember what our lives were like without Tycho. (We must have had so much free time!) We’ve had long, hard days, but also amazing, funny ones. So many poop jokes….

It seems like it doesn’t matter what he’s up to, he’s always the most fun he’s ever been. Hopefully that’s a trend that continues forever! (We clearly are the most fun we’ve ever been, right? Those teenage years were fun, right?) Some highlights from year one:

  • That time he pooped all the way into the other room from his changing table, through Mom’s hair
  • “Dad Lap” naps
  • The first time he fell asleep at baby yoga
  • His terror of the trees in Muir Woods
  • Realizing that playing Hawaiian music calmed him down during meltdowns in the car
  • Baby bazooka
  • When we got off the nipple shield and the first time he crawled over to Mama to casually have a snack
  • How much he loves eating food and going out to eat
  • All the giggles
  • That time we threw him in the snow and he just looked at us until we picked him up
  • Mornings at Pinhole with baby friends
  • When he finally figured out the pool is basically a giant bathtub he can have fun in
  • Baby dance parties to the Talking Heads
  • His four first birthday parties!

He celebrated his first year by starting to really walk. He’s officially a toddler now!


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