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San Diego

Tiki tourism continues with a quick jaunt to San Diego! Despite being there for less than 48 hours, we managed to stumble through a freezer into Martin Cate/CH’s glorious False Idol for a tiki drink or three, hit up El Dorado for a perfect hipster dive bar cocktail, have pizza and a deadly IPA at Ciro’s, recover with two hour Pink Floyd Experience massages at DCompress Downtown, wander around Little Italy until we found beer and banh mi at Ballast Point, hide from the rain with a cappuccino at James Coffee Co, have killer ramen and pineapple nigori at Tajima, walk straight into the sixties (through another freezer) at the Grass Skirt Tiki Lounge, do a throwback to Melbourne with avocado toast and perfect espresso at Coffee & Tea Collective, go for a long walk with the waves and the architecture of Mission Beach, try some excellently weird beer at Modern Times and still find room for one last tiki drink and some local rum at Bali Hai before stumbling back out of San Diego.

  1. looks like a fantastic weekend! If the whole web firm doesn’t work out, you guys could always create a tiki guidebook!:)

  2. Love the way you’re open to NEW experiences. Great to do it while you’re young and energetic. — thanks for sharing. — love you, grandma

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