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Full disclosure: we went to Barcelona basically because we wanted to wander around and drink vermouth. So we wandered, and drank vermouth with tapas, and then wandered some more, and drank more vermouth with more tapas.

We ate olives and pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomatoes) and cheese and pickles at almost every meal. We had figured we would actually eat dinner every night, but you can only eat so many olives. One night we watched a Barcelona game at a bar in La Raval while drinking beer (treason!) and eating pintxos, which are tapas (whew!) served on bread, which felt like dinner. After a couple of days though we solved our eating conundrum by just going on vermouth bar crawls and going to Walk to Wok for drunken noodles around midnight. Fun fact: you can walk into basically any vermouth bar and they’ll fill any container for 3-4 Euros a liter so you can take it home with you.

But it’s not all just vermouth and tapas in Barcelona, oh no! There’s also crazy architecture, most famously by Antoni Gaudí. We spent quite a while in La Sagrada Familia and exploring Park Güell. And on a more modern note, Barcelona is really, really great at rooftop pools, so much so that instead of going out to explore the city our first afternoon, we took a look at our hotel’s pool and realized that it was imperative we lounge around there for a couple of hours every afternoon before we did anything.

Travel goals: 100% achieved.


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