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2020 Vision

We have seen the future and it is independence! Tycho is 20 months now and really appreciates getting to choose (mandarins or blueberries? the big potty or the little potty? and so on). He loves doing things himself! In the past few days he’s started to follow directions if we try to talk him through a task like taking off his shirt or using the vacuum. He loves to pick out his own pajamas before his bath and make sure it’s all ready for him. Unfortunately he’s also choosing not to sit on the potty when he really should, but we’re learning he can hold it for like 5 hours when he puts his mind to it, so… success?

Lots of new adventures for Tycho this month: his first day at our cooperative daycare, first time sleeping on a nap mat, first time using the bathroom on an airplane, first time at Sundance and walking in the snow…. He’s loving going to Puddle Jumpers three days a week and is usually sad to leave. He’s started really responding to music, clapping along, cheering up if he’s sad, which makes our drives home so much better!

  1. I love being on your list, so I can follow your little guy:-) My little ones are a bit older, so it is cute to reexperience all Tycho’s new experiences and adventures. Looking forward to next report.

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