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Maui (Now with Bonus Lana’i!)

We’re slowly working our way through the Hawai’ian islands. With O’ahu in December, we decided for our anniversary in the islands it was time to head back to Maui! (Because 36 hours was really not enough….) This time the third member of our traveling troop had a lot to say about our itinerary…. let’s hear it for less driving, more floating!

Since we stayed in Ka’anapali at one of the big resort hotels last time, we decided to try a condo this time, about halfway between Kihei and Wailea. We loved being just across from Kamaole Beach Park III- we could just sit on our balcony and run over whenever the sun was shining and the wind was low, and in the meantime we enjoyed looking at the greenspace below us and the water across from us. We started every day outside with some 100% Maui coffee, tropical fruit and some variation of banana bread, which is really all we need for a successful island getaway….

Although we spent a lot of time just relaxing with books or my floatie, we had a few adventures too. We went on a sunset dinner cruise and saw a few whales, had an epic quest for donuts and the summit of Haleakala, went diving and did yoga respectively, took the ferry to Lana’i, and drove the road to Hana and back. Phew! Thankfully we still managed to have time to visit Maui Brewing a few times too. Priorities!

Til next time, beautiful island….

  1. Wow…it has been a long time since we’ve chatted. From looking at your M+K April adventures, I can see very little change in the way you look Max. However…CONGRATULATIONS! A new Giants fan on the way. Was just on Hawaii Island myself last month. If you ever come down to SC, let me know. Have some fun for me. Aloha!

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