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Sundance 2017

Sundance, Sundance, Sundance… We’ve been attending for years and yet always something new happens to us. This year was something of a snowpocalypse, which made our ski-fiend host happy but made getting around Park City a little difficult. Big shout-out to all the wonderful people who gave us a ride so we didn’t have to walk in a blizzard!

We arrived a day early this year and rather than twiddle our thumbs we decided to do something we’ve been meaning to do for years now – visit Homestead Crater to go swimming in the hot spring while watching people learn how to scuba dive in the middle of a Utah winter. Sound bizarre? It was! Especially when we walked around the corner to the Ice Castle attraction and wandered around in awe of the pretty lights.

The festival itself had the usual mix of funny contests (cross your fingers, people, we’re trying to win 500,000 American Airlines miles), great swag (Sundance S’well bottles) and bad swag (the ability to buy Swedish chewing tobacco for $1, ew, just ew.), and celebrity spotting (hey Elijah Wood is at High West too) – not to mention the best party ever, thrown by SPG AMEX at the St. Regis, with drinks and food from NYC’s Nomad Bar, an incredible DJ, and a magician!

But you’re probably not reading this for the tourist attraction reviews, you want to know about the movies! Many were good, only a couple were kinda lame, several were great, and a couple we’ll be thinking about for a long time. Take our quiz to find the right movie for you.

In the mood for raunchy 14th century nuns? (Who isn’t?) Check out The Little Hours.

Would you rather feel deep discomfort for the protagonist while subconsciously worrying about the role of social media in society and your life? Swipe right on Ingrid Goes West.

Perhaps you’d prefer just the discomfort, sans social analysis? Watch Lemon.

Do you just not really want to know what’s going on but have it be beautiful and kinda gritty? Watch Axolotl Overkill and don’t turn on the subtitles.

Wish your grittiness came with a side of violence and not knowing what the characters are saying half the time? You’ll love the Irish brogues and rogues in Bad Day for the Cut.

Want a fast-paced, technically brilliant survival movie about the invasion – for unknown reasons – of a small New York neighborhood? Check out Bushwick.

Ok, ok, so you like knowing what’s going on but you don’t want to feel bad about it and wish every day was Throwback Thursday? Landline is the rockin’ 90s movie for you.

Trying to stay present and laugh more in 2017? Check out Brigsby Bear.

Need something a little serious? How about a poignant exploration of memory, love and grief, with a side of sci-fi? Marjorie Prime will haunt your thoughts for days.

  • The Little Hours – 7/10
  • Landline – 7/10
  • Ingrid Goes West – 8/10
  • Axolotl Overkill – 5/10
  • Bushwick – 8/10
  • Bad Day for the Cut – 7/10
  • Lemon – 4/10
  • Brigsby Bear – 8/10
  • Marjorie Prime – 9/10

Full list and details at IMDB

This year’s festival also came with a bonus adventure in Montana, filled with snow, whiskey, and good times in Glacier National Park. We’ll fest to that!


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