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It’s that time of year again, when our thoughts turn to love and celebration and travel. After finding a really great flight to London we decided to head to Europe and visit Zurich, Mallorca and Barcelona for our second anniversary. We didn’t have much of an agenda for Zurich – just stay at a fancy hotel, check out the lake, go to a tiki bar. The usual really….

The Park Hyatt welcomed us with a really special anniversary gift, bubbly, chocolate covered strawberries and a box of the local special macarons, “Luxembergli”. We took the bubbly down to the restaurant for a relaxing late dinner after all our travel. Of course, despite deciding not to go out for dinner because we were tired and it was late, once we realized that it was our only opportunity to go to Mata Hari Bar, die Tiki Cocktail Bar in Zürich, we roused ourselves and got our tiki on. Hilariously, most people were drinking light beer, because it was a lot cheaper than a tiki drink, and the soundtrack was late 80s/early 90s grunge metal, but somehow it all worked. (Probably because the drinks were actually good. See Barcelona for what happens when they aren’t.)

We didn’t have much in mind for the next day and when it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, we unintentionally went for a Sunday stroll along the lake with everyone else in Zurich. We had a beer overlooking the water and later went to the world’s first vegetarian restaurant (it opened in 1898!). A bottle of wine, our books, and a wonderful bath for Kristan rounded out the evening. What more can you ask for?

We got down to it on our last day by taking the train up to Uetliberg and walking the Path of the Planets before heading again to the lake and taking a ferry on a short but sweet loop. Kristan was supposed to go for a run after our boat trip, but one thing led to another and instead we had coffee, went to a watch museum and tried on a Speedmaster, wandered the old town, found a bar tucked away in the winding streets, and had fondue for dinner…. immediately after which we went back to the hotel and Kristan ran the Great Fondue Run of 2017 at the gym before we went to bed. (Not recommended for your next trip to Zurich.)

Next stop: Mallorca!

  1. Oh we’re going to Mallorca in two months… where are you going? We’re staying in Cala D’or. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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