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When we were talking about what we’d like to do for our honeymoon, we thought back to the lovely trip we had last year in the Bahamas and how much we loved our little hut on the hotel’s nearby island. All you could see and hear there were the waves, and we spent many hours just lounging and reading. With that in mind, we decided it was time to head to another tropical land of sun and surf: Fiji!

We stayed at the Royal Davui Resort in a split-level villa with its own private plunge pool. Since we got some rum at Duty Free on our way in and our Kindles were full of books, we were pretty set for the whole week. We read, we drank, we talked for hours about what a cute little house our villa was and how we needed one. You can guess the rest. Every now and then we left to dive, snorkel, wander the beach, or eat, but mostly we really just reveled in the fact that unlike at home, we weren’t surrounded by people, cars, and all the “noise” of daily life.

On our last full day, a couple of the dive center staff dropped us off on a sand cay that is only accessible at low tide. Words can’t really describe how incredible that was — the only people for miles and you could walk in the ocean for 10 minutes and the blue, blue water would never get more than waist deep.

Reading our guestbook and cards over the week, we were constantly reminded of how wonderful our friends and family are, and how happy we were to have you around us at our wedding. Thank you all for sending us on this incredible adventure!


  1. Congratulations and best wishes for 100 years of bliss! So grateful that you had such a great honeymoon. The photos are incredible! I especially love the one of the two of you jumping on the beach with the pristine ocean in the background…. Love it! Thanks for sharing the shots with us. Makes me want to head to the islands….

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