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Camping on Angel Island

We’ve been meaning to go to Angel Island for years now but with an odd ferry schedule it’s just felt so close yet so far away. But when Max needed to test out his new backpacking backpack and a campsite magically opened up for Easter night, the time seemed right and we finally headed over to San Francisco’s beautiful island neighbor!

The forecast said rain – probably why the site opened up – so we put on our raincoats and crossed our fingers. It drizzled a little bit as we hiked the mile and half (up hill both ways in the snow) but otherwise our walk was only disturbed by the trams of tourists circling the island. Who knew Angel had such a passing resemblance to Disneyland! But all kidding aside, our site was incredible and had an unbelievable view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge once the fog cleared out around noon. We spent the afternoon hiking the island’s perimeter and checking out the other campsites scattered around the island (#4 – ours – is the best), before clambering down to one of the old military batteries to read and watch the sunset.

Our night was very peaceful with all the city lights, but we did have two surprising visits: first the most aggressive raccoons we’ve ever seen decided they needed our food and tried scampering all over our picnic table to steal it and then – in the middle of the night – the Easter Bunny came and hid eggs for Kristan to find on Monday morning! (He must also struggle with that ferry schedule.)¬†We can’t wait to go back!


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