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Point Reyes National Seashore

When we were on our honeymoon we talked about how awesome our friends are and how we couldn’t wait to hang out with them more often. So when we landed in SFO and found an email from Scott about going backpacking in Pt. Reyes in early May, it was a total no-brainer that we were going!

The 4.5 mostly uphill miles to Glen Camp was really beautiful, even with gear-filled backpacks weighing us down, and Max’s gradual conversion to a person who actually really likes camping got yet another boost.  (Until we dragged him 5 miles to the beach and back the next day… oops.) But all our amazing food helped – tacos, huevos rancheros, butternut squash ramen – not to mention the wine, beer, and whiskey!

We finished off the weekend by heading over to the Point Reyes Lighthouse, which was a really awesome drive exploring the other side of Tomales Bay. Of course when faced with a long, steep, vaguely perilous climb we turned to each other, turned back to the stairs, and headed down. We had perfect timing because while we were down at the lighthouse and closest to the water, three gray whales came by!


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