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Nassau, The Bahamas

We’re good at loopholes. Earlier this year, Max found a way to get an awful lot of Southwest Airlines miles as well as a Companion Pass for Kristan to tag along for free. Conveniently, a few months later, Southwest started flying AirTran’s old international routes including one to Nassau in The Bahamas. So clearly we had to book a trip.

We stayed for a week at the Sandals resort, and Max took full advantage of their included scuba diving, getting a full 10 dives in for the week. Kristan came along snorkeling for an afternoon “shark dive” where the dive boat put out a bucket full of lionfish as bait and brought in all the reef sharks in the vicinity. Somehow 50 sharks just isn’t that much scarier than a single shark? I suppose the logic is whatever terrible things a single shark could do to you, it’s not like multiplying that by 50 is at all possible or reasonable.

Our days consisted of Max diving in the morning, Kristan lounging around the property, and then spending the afternoon together on Sandals Cay, the small private island full of secluded lounge chairs, perfect for losing yourself in a good book until the last boat ride forces you back to the main resort.

Our one day away from this lovely routine was our third full day in the Bahamas, when we went to the “Aquaventure” water park at the Atlantis Mega Resort near downtown Nassau. Aquaventure had eight slides (including two that went through a shark tank in a transparent tube!!!!), a long lazy river that had multiple rapids/wave sections, and long stretches of white sand beaches. In other words, it was perfect. And we didn’t even get too sunburned after our long day in the sun. We finished up the day walking through the resort, checking out their “archaeological dig”/aquarium themed like the Lost City of Atlantis. Very silly but a little mesmerizing in its immersiveness. The last area we checked out had a casino and high-end shops like Gucci. Think Disney World meets Vegas meets the Caribbean!


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