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Arches National Park

Arches is an immense wasteland full of alien beauty…. We realized as we arrived in the late afternoon that we could probably make it to Delicate Arch for sunset if we hurried, so of course we tightened our laces and pushed it as fast as we could, dodging returning hikers and small children left and right. Most of the hike was up-up-up and over big expanses of stone, but we made it to the natural amphitheatre by Delicate in plenty of time to take photos and just relax. (Of course, the hike down in the dark was exciting!)

We ended up setting up camp in the dark but with our gear it was easy enough. That deep in the park there aren’t any lights, so we had an incredible view of the stars and left the rainfly off so we could watch them until fell asleep… so incredible!

The next morning we hit up Landscape Arch, Partition Arch, Park Avenue, Double Window and more before Kristan got too dehydrated to keep going and needed to head to Moab for lunch!


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