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Glen Canyon

Admittedly we stopped here because it was more convenient than trying to drive straight from Arches to the Grand Canyon, but we’re glad we did! Glen Canyon is a Navajo sandstone canyon carved out by the Colorado River, spread over southern Utah and northwestern Arizona in the Vermilion Cliffs area. (The end of Glen Canyon marks the start of the Grand Canyon.)

Although it may not be as impressive as its nearby relative, you can actually take some pleasant day trips on the river without having to pray that you win a rafting permit in the Grand Canyon’s lottery system.

Three all-too-short hours on the river took us from the Glen Canyon Dam (which was crazy large and involved some national security style guards and an intense tunnel) to historic Lee’s Ferry. Along the way we saw the aftermath of monumental rockfalls, prehistoric petroglyphs, wild horses, and, of course, the brilliant, shining river.


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