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Hawaii – The Big Island

SPRING BREAK! Kristan’s first spring break as a grad student obviously had to be spent somewhere new and beachy, so we went to Hawaii for a week. We stayed on the Big Island a little north of Kona, so we could check out the brewery but still enjoy¬†the peace and quiet. One day we even got up early (the birds help when you leave your door open) and watched the sun crest over Mauna Kea with coffee from a local roaster!!

Max had a lot of fun diving, while Kristan caught a cold, read the first Game of Thrones¬†book, and even learned a little hula. We explored the island a bit by car — ok, so we nearly drove all the way to Hilo… like three times — climbed to a lookout on Mauna Kea, found not one but two secret beaches, and ate all the passionfruit and weird bananas and rambutan we could find. Also, jackfruit is terrible, but it smells like Juicy Fruit!

Despite the often foggy (possibly voggy) weather, we had a great time and can’t wait to go back!


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