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A Montana Surprise

So even though we saw her a lot more than usual this summer, Gail has been pestering us to come visit her in Montana before the year’s end. We decided that clearly the best way to do so would be to decline, repeatedly, and then give her a heart attack in shock for her birthday present. Props to Darryl for his fine aid-and-abetting, because she had absolutely no idea.

Our five fun days found us plotting multiple renovations of both their houses, buying all the local booze we could get our hands on to stock their bar, drinking Canadian pumpkin beer, and celebrating Gail’s birthday in Glacier – all these photos come from Gail’s birthday hike on the shore of Lake MacDonald and the Johns Lake Trail. Max should bring his camera along more!

  1. Love the photos and the video- how fun! I absolutely loved the visit and the surprise. Thanks for making my birthday extra special! So, does this mean I can’t ask again… when are you planning to visit us?? :) Love you and thanks again for everything!

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