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Zion National Park

Zion National Park is yet another incredible red rock beauty. There are a couple of ways to enter via car, and we ended up on the way with a looong tunnel through the mountains. It was a great drive though and made for a nice start to our camping adventure.

After getting settled and having dinner we decided to join the ranger talk, which was about how different animals see, but it ended up being most memorable because it started pouring about halfway through! (And of course we have Thunderstorms throughout the night complicated our camping situation (and were slightly terrifying as well).

All the rain cooled the park down to a pleasant 70 degrees instead of the usual scorching highs over 100. Dozens of short-lived waterfalls rushed down the canyon walls throughout the morning, only to dry up by early afternoon…. We followed the road and trails through Zion Canyon alongside the Virgin River until the canyon walls literally closed in on the river. Hiking from this point is supposed to be both tiring and treacherous: flash floods will take out everything in their path during the short rainy season. So given the earlier rain and the warning signs, we decided to turn around and go do some red rock yoga instead!


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