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Sundance 2015

Sundance 2015 was extra special because after years of prodding, Elisse and Scott came to the festival for the first couple of days, overlapping slightly with Christopher’s attendance mid-week. The three of them had all heard about each other but never actually met, so it was nice to get to have time together before the wedding.

We must be getting better at picking movies we’re going to enjoy (and/or just avoid the NEXT category), but of our 14 movies there’s only a couple we wouldn’t recommend. And now that we’re looking back, even though we rated Tangerine a 4 in the moment, we’d say it’s much more worthwhile than, say, Eden, because of the innovative technical elements and subject matter.

This was another good contest year, though it’s less about swag now and more about experiences. We won something like 3 pairs of tickets and a VIP wine and chocolate tasting experience at the Sundance Channel HQ. The spread they laid out for just the three of us was absurd — and we even had our own server to shoo away other people and get us ridiculous cocktails!

  • Misery Loves Comedy 7/10
  • Strangerland 6/10
  • Mississippi Grind 4/10
  • Sleeping with Other People 8/10
  • Tangerine 4/10
  • Z for Zachariah 9/10
  • Girlhood 6/10
  • Brooklyn 10/10
  • Turbo Kid 8/10
  • Slow West 8/10
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 9/10
  • Eden 6/10
  • Christmas, Again 5/10
  • Results 7/10

Full list and ratings at IMDB


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