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Our three days in Iceland can be summed up in one word: adventure. The whole trip just felt like a series of never-ending discoveries and explorations….

We discovered the Icelandic Yule Lads and other fun Christmas traditions; explored Reyjavik’s design shops for a morning and then some; realized that we were woefully unprepared for icy road 360 along the shores of þingvallavatn Lake (gripping anything that could be gripped and making desperate survival plans in our heads); sank into a hot pool with a hot whiskey to calm down at the Ion Hotel; saw water unseen by humans for decades, as it flowed into the Silfra fissure after slowly percolating through the rock down from a glacier; shook with cold and struggled to get our dive gear off; laughed constantly at Icelandic version of Feliz Navidad and other Christmas songs, which are just covers but in Icelandic; and gleefully smeared silica mud masks on each other’s faces as we watched the dawn from a vast thermal pool….

We’ll be back.

  1. WOW, WOW, WOW! I’m cold just looking at your photos! But, perhaps I shouldn’t be viewing these while I’m in chilly Montana at 1 degree F…. The photos of the Blue Lagoon are awesome and most definitely warmed me up. The dive shots are remarkable. What an incredible place!
    You do live an adventurous life- and one to be very grateful for!

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