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Sundance 2013

Our 13 movies at Sundance 2013 were overall pretty solid – a lot of “indie comedy” with a few historical settings thrown in. Kristan made Max and Christopher sit through We Are What We Are with the promise that dinner was on her if they hated it. About 2 hours later we were covertly checking out Sam Rockwell and having a feast at High West. (No regrets.) Surprise favorite: Austenland!

  • Austenland 8/10
  • The Look of Love 7/10
  • Prince Avalanche 3/10
  • Charlie Countryman 6/10
  • The Spectacular Now 5/10
  • We Are What We Are 5/10
  • Kill Your Darlings 8/10
  • Upstream Color 8/10
  • Escape from Tomorrow 2/10
  • Virtually Heroes 4/10
  • Afternoon Delight 7/10
  • Computer Chess 4/10
  • In a World… 7/10

Full list at ratings at IMDB


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