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Sundance 2012

This year we saw a whopping 17 movies between the two of us! Both Christopher and the Kears joined us for Sundance 2012 so we went all out. (17 is a little too many though. Kristan just blew through her movie allotment for like the first half of 2012.)

Some standouts: Robot & Frank was AWESOME. Beasts of the Southern Wild was very out there but in a good way, and we’ll bet you’ll be hearing more about it. And for overall best movie experience at the festival, we gotta go with Grabbers – a midnight showing of a Irish horror movie where the main characters get eaten by monsters if they’re not piss-drunk, at the beautifully classic Egyptian theatre with a super engaged (and probably also drunk) audience. Lots of fun!

  • Oslo, August 31st 4/10
  • Robot & Frank 10/10
  • That’s What She Said 2/10
  • For a Good Time, Call… 9/10
  • Shut Up and Play the Hits 9/10
  • Liberal Arts 9/10
  • Room 237 4/10
  • Smashed 7/10
  • Save the Date 7/10
  • Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie 5/10
  • Kid-Thing (2012) 1/10
  • Wrong (2012) 8/10
  • California Solo 7/10
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild 8/10
  • Grabbers 8/10
  • The Words 7/10
  • The Sessions 7/10

Full list with ratings at IMDB


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