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Sundance 2010

Max and Christopher decided this year that it was high time they checked out the Sundance Film Festival. With Stan living in Park City, it was a pretty easy trip to arrange – no super over-priced hotel to book! Most of what they saw was ok, but the highlights were Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Nowhere Boy and The Kids Are All Right. Bonus cultural moment: finding the Banksy murals hidden downtown!

  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 8/10
  • Frozen 2/10
  • Splice 4/10
  • High School 7/10
  • Obselidia 6/10
  • Nowhere Boy 8/10
  • Animal Kingdom 4/10
  • Twelve 5/10
  • The Kids Are All Right 8/10

Full list with ratings at IMDB


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