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Hello Prague

Prague is old and pretty and full of cobblestones. We ate a lot of gelato and Italian (best bet for vegetarian fare), saw lots of spiky towers and spires and bridges (and lots of fun sculptures), and drank a LOT of beer.

We aspired to meet or surpass the Czech average of drinking half a liter a day. We drank lots of Pilsner Urquell (the original pilsner, first made in Plzen about two hours from Prague in 1842), but we mainly drank Staropramen. They have a few different varieties, a light, a lager, and a semi-dark, and when Max and I found their brewery in Prague I was served a mix of all three in one glass. It was weird, but still good.

We found this fun spot in Wenceslas Square while in Prague and could’t resist.

Overall, Prague was fun! We had a good visit with Gail, Darryl, Carly, Josh and Luna and miss them already. ‘Til next time!

Also: CartoucheCartouche, can do you do the fandango?

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