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Getting Sidetracked in Rotorua & Taupo

If you thought that after our incredible adventure at Rainbow Springs we couldn’t possibly have more animal time in Rotorua… you’d be wrong. Patrice at Rainbow Springs suggested we go do a farm tour at the Agrodome, which was so silly. We just kept giggling at all the sheep and alpacas! But eventually we made it on the road and to the shores of Lake Taupo.

Our hotel (Millennium Manuels) was right on the water, so we got a couple of glasses of wine from the bar and watched the sun go down below the mountains from our little patio. (We definitely picked the right hotel, because they had a thermal pool grotto.)

We spent the next morning catching up on a few things and then continued our geothermal adventures by visiting the bizarre volcanic landscape of Orakei Korako. A short boat ride and a 90 minute walk took us through geothermal flats, bubbling mud pools, small geysers, and a whole lot of ferns.


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