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Disney World

So this past spring Kristan had the exciting honor of being both KZSC’s Station Manager and Volunteer Coordinator…. This was super stressful, but it also meant that she got an unexpected stipend that needed to be spent on something awesome.


We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter hotel on the Disney World property (Disney basically owns an entire county), which was awesome because it was super easy to take the bus to the various theme parks and water parks and we even got to take a boat to the Downtown Disney area. And we’ve never been to New Orleans, so it just looked cool. We had passes that let us go to both the theme parks and the water parks as often as we wanted, so our usual pattern was theme park in the morning, water park in the afternoon, nap and a shower, and then dinner at one of the restaurants at Epcot. Kristan remembered reading something like “Babysitters Club goes to Disney World” and thinking Epcot sounded amazing, so it was really cool to found out it really was!

We’re going back as soon as we can stay at the Grand Polynesian, because that hotel looks ridiculous.


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