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Beaches, Jamaica

It’s tropical time! Carly wanted to get together for a mini-Elman vacation, so we headed to Jamaica and the Beaches Negril resort for a week of lounging around. It was an all-inclusive resort and we somehow ended up with our own personal butler who would organize anything we wanted… specific beach chairs reserved for us, lunch on the sand, dinner reservations, pretty much whatever we could name was just a phone call away. (Even meds for Stan’s unhappy tooth!)

We did manage to do a little more than drink endless piƱa coladas on the beach… we had some killer massages, did some skurfing, sailed a hobie cat, parasailed, went snorkeling and diving. And having connected rooms meant that we could hang out and play games, etc. after Luna went to bed, which was great.

Negril is a loooong bus ride from the main international airport at Montego Bay, so in the future we’d probably try something a little closer, but other than that it was great!


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