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Sundance 2016

Sundance 2016: the year of middle-of-the-road movies and fantastic adventures outside the theatre. This year’s number one highlight wasn’t a movie, but it was still dramatic: a long-awaited tour of the new High West Distillery followed by a full and complete tasting of all of their whiskey. Doesn’t get much better than that!

In contrast to previous years, everything we saw this year was decent – nothing too good or too bad. That said, a couple of them do stand out in our minds. The Lure is a crazy Polish fantasy musical loosely based on the legend of the Little Mermaid. It’s totally bizarre — apparently Poles “don’t do” fantasy or musicals — but oddly fascinating. Highly recommended with an interesting, colorful cocktail or two!

Outlaws & Angels was also a stand-out, largely because it was (apparently completely unintentionally) hilarious. We might have offended the director by laughing too much, but then he also clearly took himself a little too seriously to realize that an Owen Wilson voiceover philosophizing about “The Wild West” was never going to be anything but stupid funny. Just sayin’.

  • Jacqueline (Argentine) – 6/10
  • FRANK & LOLA – 4/10
  • Sleight – 7/10
  • The Lure – 7/10
  • Outlaws and Angels – 7/10
  • As You Are – 7/10
  • The Fits – 5/10
  • Brahman Naman – 6/10
  • Little Men – 5/10

Full list and details at IMDB


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