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Sundance 2011

Kristan’s first Sundance Film Festival started with a kaboom. The whole world is going to end but it’s ok, we’ll find another earth and in the future, we’ll learn that the art of getting by is really all in the details. (But if you don’t have a submarine, you might end up a pariah. Just saying.)

This will all make perfect sense later. Unless you’re talking about the nine muses. Then it will never make sense, ever, and you should go back to blowing things up.

  • Perfect Sense 9/10
  • Another Earth 5/10
  • The Nine Muses 1/10
  • Submarine 7/10
  • The Details 5/10
  • Kaboom 6/10
  • The Future 6/10
  • Pariah 5/10
  • The Art of Getting By 6/10

Full list with ratings on IMDB


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