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The Champagne Caves of Reims

We had to come up with some way to use our rail pass, given that all the trips down south of Paris had no availability AT ALL, so heading to Reims and drinking was a clear and obvious winner. It was overcast but not quite raining, which was fine until we ended up getting super lost on the way to Taittinger and the skies decided to finally let loose. Being wet, lost, and late for our champagne cave tour was no fun at all!!

Thankfully we finally figured it out and ended up at Taittinger in time to catch the last few minutes of the intro video for the tour. (Any later and they wouldn’t have let us in… Phew!) The caves themselves were really cool and so old it was a bit hard to wrap your head around – even the Romans used them. Probably our biggest takeaway though is that there are way more champagne bottle sizes than we knew, and they all have crazy biblical names. Like Jeroboam. And Methuselah. And Nebuchadnezzar.


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