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If our adventure in Fox Glacier was extreme, the next few days were surprisingly opposite – relaxing and yet punctuated with short moments of terror. We started in Haast a little south of Fox Glacier and made our way through the Southern Alps over Haast Pass. We stopped for brief walks at Roaring Billy Falls and the Blue Pools (blue, but not really pools?) and for lunch in Wanaka before eventually making it to our awesome AirBNB in Queenstown and, more importantly, to Elisse and Scott! We usually see them once a week, but they’ve been in New Zealand since the end of October so this was a long-awaited and exciting reunion!

We pretty much spent our entire first evening catching up, with even the digressions having digressions. Thankfully we went to the grocery store first so we had some supplies laid in. We made a nice dent on the far-too-sizable collection of New Zealand wine we had accumulated and made plans to go acquire more. The next few days were a whirlwind of fun and excitement, as we all did the shotover jet, the two of us did the Kawarau Bridge bungy with lots of support and patience from Elisse and Scott, went up the gondola, went to several wineries in Central Otago, watched at least one beautiful sunset, tried a couple of cool bars, did what ended up being a personal cruise on the Spirit of Queenstown and made sure Elisse was the mayor of the Queenstown Gardens. Whew! So much fun!!

Let’s do it again.

    1. I saw how Max went out feet first and decided I should try the other way :) So much fun, we almost did another one tandem!

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