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Norrköping and a Wedding

Our first Swedish wedding was a blast! It kinda reminded us of a seder – Various courses interrupted by speeches in a language I don’t know, lots of laughing and teasing, and of course a ton of wine.

Malin and Jimmy got married in a small chapel from the 17th century, located on a bay of the Baltic. The ceremony was relatively traditional, according to Malin, but they put their own touches in by including contemporary songs which Malin’s friends sang. Of interest to us was that the ceremony kept going after the couple said “I do” (“Ja”) and kissed, which event wasn’t met with the same cheering it is in the U.S.

We then took a bus to a country club closer to the city. Pictures were taken of all the guests, while we mingled and drank champagne. Once inside the wedding feast began. After dinner we went to a different area for coffee, various liqueurs and cake, and more mingling. Finally we started dancing around 11pm. Combined with beer and harder alcohol, a good time was had by all and we got back late, late, late.

Now we just have to come back!


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