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Usually when we end up in Nashville it’s for a major holiday or some travel snafu, so this low-key visit to the Kears was really nice.

Carly and Josh surprised us with an incredible evening to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens where art installations of lights had been set up for nighttime adventures. It was like the cool exhibition at Versailles and we LOVED it.

On the weekend we all toyed with the idea of an impulsive trip to the Smokeys, but then came up with the even better plan of going on a whiskey road trip! (Still not sure how we got Luna on board with that, but hey! don’t look a gift whiskey in the mouth.) Jack Daniels was Grandpa Al’s favorite drink (2 fingers, 2 ice cubes, in a Blue Danube coffee mug) so Kristan was a little overwhelmed but in a good way on our tour there. We’re already making plans for our next Tennessee whiskey trip though!


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