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Montana & Waterton

We joined the Kears at Gail and Darryl’s lakeside home in Bigfork after a looooong drive from Vancouver. (Q: What’s in western Montana? A: Nothing. Nothing at all.) The best part was realizing that there’s a MacKenzie River Pizza place in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which both fed us and gave us something to look forward to.

The seven of us headed to Glacier National Park’s Many Glacier area to spend a couple of nights hiking and exploring. Everyone else stayed at the Many Glacier Hotel, which is one of those gems of a national park lodge, while we ended up at one of the nearby “camping cabins” because we failed to book a room at the hotel before they sold out. Oops. We ended up nearly freezing our butts off and spent our evenings in our sleeping bags, talking and discussing how absolutely horrible huckleberry soda is.

All of us made the slightly impulsive decision to drive into the Waterton Lakes part of the “International Peace Park”. Bonus Canada time!


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